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Hi there!

My name is Ruhani Bhullar and I live in Leeds, United Kingdom. I was born and raised in this city and attended one of the leading schools of the North of England. With regards to my education now, in September 2021, I will commence life at university to further study Spanish and French. Aside from learning about Spanish and French, both as languages and as cultures, my other interests range from exploring new music from all corners of the world, exercise, fashion and meeting new people!

I am looking to help students acquire their desired grades for French or Spanish. I have been studying both subjects for 6+ years, consequently, I am greatly experienced concerning studying languages and how to obtain high grades in them, as I myself accomplished a grade 8 (equivalent to an A*) in both languages at GCSE. Furthermore, studying these subjects for so long means that I am more than familiar with specific exam/revision techniques that can help any student to fulfil their full potential in these topic areas.

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As a tutor, I would like to assure all of my potential, so-called \"pupils\" that I will always put my best foot forward during our lessons and I guarantee that I shall do everything I can to help them achieve their desired outcome. In terms of how we would carry out the lessons, unless the student is within a close proximity to my location, the most convenient format of tutoring would be via video chat. This is also a more convenient manner as, due to COVID, these are uncertain times, therefore, if anything was to happen, at least the pupil\'s learning will not be put to a halt. I myself had tutoring during my A Level exams and can safely say that it was just as helpful as face-to-face interaction.  


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GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)

     The Grammar School at Leeds
  •  Sep 2017 - Jul 2019

I obtained 10 GCSEs, including Spanish and French at grade 8 (equivalent to an A*).

A Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level)

     The Grammar School at Leeds
  •  Sep 2019 - May 2021

During A Level, I studied Spanish, French and Psychology.