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Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I have always hoped to be a successful businessman one day. My greatest strengths, passion and innovation have always helped me in all my ventures. I started investing at the age of 15, and in 2 years, I gained the confidence to start an investment section in my father’s business.
With an information systems and finance major at the Kelley School of Business, I hope to understand the capital markets to the best of my ability and integrate it with technology and management.
Being unique and thinking out of the box have always defined who I am, whether it was me being one of the only international students exploring Greek life or being the youngest intern at Edelweiss Limited, one of India’s largest financial firms. My involvement in the Kelley Portfolio Management Club has not only enhanced my research and analytical skills but also helped me handle my investments efficiently.
My project to help underprivileged children learn badminton imparted me with leadership skills but most importantly, made me aspire to give back to society in the future. One day, I aim to be a successful financial analyst who lets his investments speak for itself.


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