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Hi Guys! I am Mehul and I am a junior studying economics at the University of Washington, Seattle. Throughout my school life, I found economics to be a very interesting and intriguing field. I actively follow financial and equity markets and I have a keen interest in micro side of economics. In my limited time at college, I’ve taken several economic classes and aced almost all of them.  I can really help students in introductory micro and macro economic courses by providing my notes and consistent assistance in homework assignments. Moreover, I’ve also excelled at higher level classes such as intermediate micro and intermediate macro economics. Contact me if you need any help.


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As I’ve stated above about myself, I’ve always been keenly interested in economics as a subject and hence I’ve excelled in most of the college level economics courses. Thereby, I’d love to assist you in introductory economic courses. Be it economic assignments, hard quizzes, or anything else I’d ensure that I’ve got you covered. Please do let me know if you’d want help in anything and I’d be happy to do it.


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