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I greatly value trust and loyalty and believe that they define the character of a person. I am a fun-loving, dependable, caring, passionate and experience-oriented person who takes on calculated risks. Being raised in a joint family in a metropolitan city in India has instilled values of selflessness and togetherness in me. I have always found that the experiences I gain while doing various activities prove to be the greatest source of learning for me. Having studied in a boarding high school away from my hometown taught me how to live independently and made me experience the various cultures of India. It made me aware of the cultural differences which exist between communities and made me understand how opinions and mindsets are formed. It helped me formed a strong network of connections within India.

Since childhood my family has always wanted me to gain college education in America which was the greatest factor because of which I challenged myself to live in a boarding school away from my family. Having taken on the rigors of the IBDP, I have been able to hone my time-management skills, and other soft skills. I enjoy meeting new people as it provides me with the insight of their cultures and backgrounds which proves to be a learning experience for me.

I have been participating in family debates about business which occur daily at the Dining Table, since I was young. Learning about the dynamics of business since childhood sparked a desire in me to take on business major (Finance & Entrepreneurship) at the Kelley School of Business.

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Having taken English at Higher Level in the IBDP helped me become better at writing essays and doing analytical writing. Over the years, I have developed an interest in writing and hence have become passionate about it. I can edit/write college-level essays, written tasks, etc.



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Email Verified Adhiraj Swarup

English Editor

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